It’s Just a Matter of Time.

…before we learn how to fly.
Wreck-It Ralph is love, Wreck-It Ralph is life. 😀 Wei Ting issues an apology to everyone who reads what she has typed.

Production (24 hours)

This post was scheduled so it would be posted right on time. Heh heh.

Being the smart person you are, you know it’s (almost) exactly 24 hours (at the time of posting) before Production begins, and we’re really HIGHped.

Anyway, this will be the long-awaited but quite short blog post on the trips we took on Thursday and Friday. You should probably just read the part about NYP though.

We agreed to meet at IKEA at 10am, and then we walked around and around and around and around and around and around and around and I don’t really remember what we did but we spent at least 10 minutes looking at plushies.
We bought a box and some coasters and this set of small round jars and this dog plushie. We wanted to buy some real plants and fake flowers but ended up not doing so. We are amazing people.


I would say they’re a little exhausted but it’s a little too much of an overstatement apparently.

We then rushed to the Bestway Building at Tanjong Pagar for the Tiny Island Productions studio tour, which you can read about here. Thankfully, we were not late and did not walk around in circles. After the tour we went to Marks & Spencer to get some snacks, with Isabella and Kai Li picking a tiny selection of food on sale. Is anyone even reading this anymore, I feel like I’m boring you guys. I swear the next bit’s going to be great so please keep reading thank you.

Ms Weilin, our Top 100 pitch judge, Top 40 assigned instructor, Top 10 instructor, and a very cool person called us back to Nanyang Polytechnic on Friday to discuss our animation with us.

Pi Cookie

We wanted to do something really silly since it’ll (most likely) be our last time participating in NEmation, so we decided to get a pie and carve the pi symbol on it, before passing it to our Top 100 pitch judge. We couldn’t get our hands on a pie so we just got a Subway cookie instead. Don’t worry, it’s safe to eat.

We were informed that our story had changed, and we must admit it’s been turned into a very beautiful and absolutely perfect piece of rare and valuable art. Rare is actually an understatement, unique and one-of-a-kind would be a much better adjective. And it’s true, we were told that the way our story would be brought to life would be the first of its kind when it get shown on your TV screens next year – that is, if someone doesn’t upload theirs first! Exciting!! 😀
She proceeded to tell us how the instructors had meeting after meeting after meeting to figure out how to change our story and storyboard to make sure everything flowed flawlessly. In fact, our storyboard was the last (and most difficult (oops)) to complete, finished just a mere two days before we met at NYP! (Sorry instructors. OTL) There was revision after revision after more revisions of our final story, and wow, we would really like to give a HUGE shout-out to them for putting in so much effort to help us! Thank you very much dear instructors!! I really hope we did not make your brains too fried. There’s no fried food day in the holidays (I think).

Originally, we were going to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects as well, but were told that we could only learn how to use the software on Monday. Ms Weilin did, however, link some YouTube videos to us so we could get accustomed to our weapons (with none of us having used them prior) before we get started on them, talk about dedication! ^v^

Production starts tomorrow and we just know it’ll be a brilliant 3 weeks! We’re really looking forward to the experience (of being cooped up in a tent animating for at least nine hours a day for 15 days), as well as bringing our animation to life and making the story immortal.

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