Beep beep beep, stop 1.

DAY 1 OF N.E.mation!9 production!

Jolene Speaking. Today was the first day of production. Very stress stress 😥 The animation programme, Toon Boom studio, kept going bonkers! Nonetheless, it was really fun. 🙂 The rest of us also did, except for Nikki, who had mini panic attacks. :< Now that animation has started, we hope those who are reading this will follow us throughout our journey here. 🙂

Jeanine speaking. The production is really fun! It was torturing, fun and nerve-wrecking ALL AT THE SAME TIME! However, it was really cool and we have such awesome instructors DING DING!! 🙂 We finally got the hang of it so I hope tomorrow will be a better day! totally looking forward to it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SUPPORT US WE LOVE YOU :* MUAK MUAKS

Khalisah here! It was quite a challenging process but fun too as we learnt more interesting  stuffs that  we can do.  Eventhough all of us were at the verge of breaking down, we cheered for each other and took breaks here and there! Do continue supporting us!! LOVE LOVE YOU GUYS!! 😀IMG_0561[1] IMG_0638[1]



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