First Day TT.TT

Ok so… Our journey has officially began. 3 weeks of production, 15 days of creating our masterpiece , 135 (hopefully) hours of staring at the computer, 8100 minutes of eyesore, 486000 seconds of TORTURE. Awesome. 

Even so, our first day was surprisingly relaxing. Most of our morning was spent taking pictures against the green screen for our project and since only one of us knew how the camera works (waffle girl), the other three just lazed around and OCCASIONALLY mocked whoever was having their picture taken. It was actually really fun.

Now comes the boring part. Since we were done with the green screen, we had no more excuse to procrastinate so we each got assigned a scene and we stared work. The thing about concentrating is, when u really get into your work, time flies. Unfortunately, the air-con was so cold that i couldn’t go 10 minutes without remembering i still had x hours till i could get out of there. It was probably like -2 degrees in there. 

Then lunch. Ahhhhhh food glorious food. Need I say more? 

Back to our tent. Did i forget to mention we work in tents? For privacy, all the teams are separated into individual tents. Anyone who enjoys coziness will understand how amazing it feel to close up the curtain and feel completely cut off from all the chaos going on outside. 

Overall, it was a fun time and a great start for our long journey ahead. We look forward to the days ahead and hopefully they’ll be as ‘slack’ as today. (It’s so not gonna be)


Chunky Monkeys


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