IDK – Chelsia Says Hi

HELLO THERE. I’m that slightly insane team member that is always packaged with every group. Whoopdeedo. I’ll try to keep this brief to keep the “freaking people out” part to the minimum, and I’ll leave it to the rest of my team to be cool. 🙂


I am in….

  • a book about 23/7 (the last hour is for snack breaks)
  • Year 2 RGS
  • Infocomm Club
  • too many fandoms to count
  • a relationship with movies ❤
  • a family with three younger siblings and way too many stuffed toys
  • a generation where technology is sometimes more important than people (!!! *angry face*)
  • a country that is beautiful and should be loved a little more
  • A really cool NEmation team that needs your support!! <— advertising here!!

Hopefully that has told you a little more about myself 🙂 I change my favourite songs and books about every five seconds but right now I adore the Keepers of the Lost Cities series by Shannon Messenger and The Script’s The Man That Can’t Be Moved. But for movies my all time favourite will always be Avengers. (Always.) What’s yours?

[Comment below 🙂 ]

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