Acrylics Day 1 – The Start…

Herro. Heyy.

Today was the very first day of production! WOoT.

It began with a *short* briefing by Mr Ellery, to introduce to us the timeline of the production as well as to psych us up. They put together a pretty cool video montage of the NEmation adventures so far and it was heartening to be reminded of the *tasty* memories.

After the briefing, we went back to our tent and were instructed to paste up our storyboards We had 55 frames and doing da maths, we had to tear (and roll) 220 pieces of tape for the each corner of each frame… T.T

Soon enough, we could begin the actual work after some short instructions from the man himself, Mr Jonathan. Clarence is in charge of back grounds, Brayden is working on the cropping the faces from the shoot, and Kok Hai is crafting the animated bodies of the characters. Working on the animated bodies was pretty difficult at the start as I was unclear on the art style Mr Jonathan expected so… yea. Working with the wacom tablet was also reallllyy tough ‘cos you gotta look at the screen and then coordinate your hands and eyes and stuff. COmPleTELy not like pen and paper.

Its was only after lunch that our workpace sped up. We finally got used to the stuff and had a clearer understanding of what was required for each of us. It was today that we realised how much work needed to be done in the short timespan of 3 weeks (more like 15 days) I finished most of my segments due today but I was definitely taking too much time… Intend to work faster tomorrow! 😀

– Kok Hai
Also, why did everyone bring tasty foods?

Today was a rather stressful yet exciting day. We had to quickly familiarize ourselves with the softwares that we are using for the production. As we have a veerry tight schedule, we have to work veeeryy quickly. But… We kinda spent a REALLY long time trying to get used to the tablets and stuff that, we (technically) didn’t manage to finish some parts that were due today. But, now, I feel more motivated to work harder, in order to complete our work on time and to meet our schedule. Can’t wait for tomorrow! 😀

– Brayden

It was pretty cool to start working in our new tent. However, we had much work to do, being the only three man team :P. It was very time tight, and we had to sit in front of the screen for a few hours consecutively, which is what my team members and I did. It took a while to get used to the softwares and tech which I did not usually use, but I am more confident now after a day of practice, or sitting in front of a screen. However, it has been fun, and I look forward to the other days to come. 😀 😀 😀

– Clarence

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