Day One. (yEaH yeAY hEYa yEA)

The sun was shining and the birds were chirping and we arrived outside the NYP Lounge at 8.30am in eager preparation for our busy day ahead (I wish). Maybe we should have arrived later instead because we were only let inside around 9.10am. Not that we minded, since the temperature of the Lounge was at most 0℃.
Once we were finally allowed to enter, the instructors all clapped and cheered for us, welcoming us into the place. For once, we felt like celebrities!! (And we will be when we win this!!!) 😀

We had a 45-minutes short briefing about what we had to do and what we could expect for the next three weeks while the camera crew not-so-discreetly took photos of everyone.


Exhibit A. (Photo credit: the NEmation camera crew)

Then, we started work (decorating our tent). We took out all our snacks and soft toys and jackets, pouring the marshmallows and hard candy into the tiny IKEA jars. Of course, our tent was not complete without our inflatable pool which we had not actually bought (yet). We also put up our storyboard, although it was pretty slanted. (Bella took it upon herself to make it look neater afterwards.)

Day 1 1

This isn’t going to last 3 weeks I can smell it. (Thank you IDK for the potato sticks!)

Day 1 2

Duct tape used to paste our stuff. We hope to make history in NEmation by using lots and lots of duct tape.

Day 1 3

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s higher than you! ;D (Thank you camera crew dude who helped us paste it on the “ceiling”!)

After we felt satisfied with our tent, we started doing actual work! We were instructed to play around with Adobe Illustrator, in order to get used to the software. (We still prefer Adobe Photoshop though.)
The Koufu vouchers were also distributed to us around then, and, well, if you want to know what one of us did with them for fun, do keep a look out on our Instagram account tomorrow (I mean today, it’s past midnight, oops). 😉 (Don’t worry, no money was wasted in the process.)

Lunch break at 12pm was horrifying. The Koufu food court was packed like sardines. But we aren’t cannibals so we had to join the queue to buy food. No joke, the place was more crowded than Nex on a Sunday afternoon, so you can imagine how we felt. 😦 After buying our food, we went back to level 3, and sat right outside the Lounge to consume our food, as no one is allowed to bring any fresh food in.

We had to create some images in Adobe Illustrator for our animation which we can’t really tell or show you now. We can, however, show you this doodle someone did after completing her work.

gotta go fast


Bella was the first to finish her share of work around 4pm, and she went onto social media platforms to promote the team and interact with our “ever-enthusiastic fans”. By 5pm, we had completed most of our work. We had to wait for the debrief (which was at 6pm) to be over before we could leave.

I think we did quite well on the first day of Production, especially since we are not very used to the software yet. 🙂
We faced obstacles here and there, but we are very thankful for the existence of Google, allowing us to jump over the hurdles without bothering our instructors too much. We are also thankful for the processing power our laptops packed, allowing us to use several intensive programs at once without crashing even once!! 😀

As we had mentioned earlier, we had yet to buy our beloved inflatable pool. So we headed to the nearest Toys Я Us and got a crystal blue one!! FINALLY!!!!!!
We’ll be posting a photo of it on this blog tomorrow, but in the meantime, do hit like on our team in the Facebook app, and follow us on Instagram as well as Twitter! You don’t want to miss out on behind-the-scenes things! 😛

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