IDK – Clarine Says Hi

Clarine's famous face

Name: Clarine See. I used to think I was the only Clarine in the world till I Googled my name one day; it is a memory I will not forget, a reminder that I am a plain ordinary human. Many times I feel hurt by my own actions.

Information: I’m currently a Year 2 student; all our members are Year 2s except Zifang, who’s Year 3. My CCA is Infocomm Club; in fact, our whole team is from Infocomm Club, which explains why we took part in N.E.mation.

Hobbies: I like to write and read, and eat good food. My previous CCA was in fact the editorial board for a school newsletter, but I joined Infocomm Club this year, for undisclosed reasons. Infocomm Club has been fun, I suppose, with my group trying to keep our plasticine sculptures intact every week for animation.

Fact: I once slipped while walking on perfectly flat ground and sustained a serious enough injury to skip PE for a semester. It was great.

My favourite song so far? Pure Imagination by Gene Wilder, from the 1977 version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Have a listen; it’s magical! 🙂  (

I have come to the end of introducing my plain self. Hopefully our team’s product from N.E.mation will be more interesting 🙂

IDK begs for your support. Thank you.


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