IDK – Meeting at the Animagine Head Office!

 This post is slightly overdue, but never late than never, right! 🙂

A week or so before production began full-on, our instructor Ms Yan Ting invited us to the Animagine Office to brief us on what was to come in the next three weeks. Boy, would it be a ride! The Animagine team helped us put our storyboard into ToonBoom so that we could see what our final clip might look like. They brought our story one step nearer to reality.

Thank you to the whole team, and especially to Ms Yan Ting for being amazing, patient, and for guiding us all the way!


sorry for the lighting :/

Keep a lookout for more updates, sneak peeks, and crazy stories on the way! And please do us a favor by giving us a likeon our page ;-;


~Team IDK

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