Ello there everyone!! Khalisah here! It’s our  second day and its stressful as ever! Jeanine and I got so stressed out from the Adobe Photoshop whilst  Jolene and Nikki wanted to kill the ToonBoom app JUST JOKING xD but they were really  frustrated with it!! Nonetheless, it was an enjoyable and fun time here!! 😀

Jolene speaking. sup!!! guys!!! THREE WORDS to describe today: chicken, tempted and stabbing. yeah this definitely describes today 😉 if u wanna know       why, stay tune to this blog 🙂

HEYY  i havent been writing..yesterday too..SOO today was a really weird day, i wasnt stressed upO.O/ so i definitely know that i passed down the stress disease to jojo (jolene) HAH. and i could actually finish some work, ms cass happy happy and yEAooooooookay so tmw awaits with 13 MORE days, i am super not going to breakdown OHYEAH:) and i love TOONBOOM !

ps. we got closer to the ELEMONATORS (do support them too:))IMG_0684[1] IMG_0765[1]IMG_0769[1]

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