Acrylics Day 3- Trololololol

  Heeey, its Acrylics again!

photo 1

Drawing in our dull, boring, lame, UBER COOL tent.

These few days have been very tough, as can be seen from a lack of a blog post for day two xD, though we’ll try our best to keep you updated. We are a three member team, so we had to work extra hard to make up for that missing ghost of a member. There is much work to do and once again we had to leave at 9++ (though the max time we can stay is 9 :P) YET, the man himself, Mr Jonathan,  still tells us that we are behind time :O

photo 3


photo 2

Showing our ambassador, Ms Thiang, our progress so far!

Anyway, we were also able to meet our ambassador, Ms Thiang :D, we set up some tent decorations to prepare for her arrival. It was very interesting to be meeting her for the first time and she was very friendly. We got to share our story and present to her our storyboard. We also told her more about ourselves and work schedule. (you could read her blog for some professional blogging :D)

Today was a really tiring day but much progress has been made. We’ve improved both in terms of speed and quality, so.. we’re pretty okay for now. Although we’re still slightly behind schedule, we’ll be working hard to catch back up!  😀

Photo credits to our dear teacher, Ms Xie!

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– Acrylics

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