Day Three. (AMBASSADOR!)

Day three was pretty uneventful, aside from our Ambassador’s (guest writer’s) visit, and getting pranked by Acrylics (thanks guys). And somehow I managed to forget to take a single picture, really sorry about that. 😦

So far we’re actually a few days ahead of time, and we’re trying to keep it up! We should be moving onto the animation bit soon.

As our Ambassador, Miss Karen (Renzze), is currently overseas, her guest writer (Mr Raphael) came down to visit us instead! He’s a pretty chill guy.
As Crystal had something on and couldn’t make it for our original time slot, we swapped sessions with Chunky Monkeys. They’re really nice people.

Raphael's Visit

Mr Raphael visiting our tent!! (Photo credit: Mr James)

Mr Raphael took photos of our tent and asked us various questions about our progress so far, as well as our journey of NEmation 9. We showed him some of the files we’ve been working on and our ‘exam paper’, which is part of our animation. You can visit Miss Karen’s blog here! 🙂

Oh, and did we mention IDK tried to attempt our ‘exam paper’ when they went for their team briefing before Production? Yeah, idk why either. :~) /shot

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