Acrylics Day 4- ho ho ho


Dayyyyyyy 4. The morning began with some kind and caring group that gave out candy canes. And then another group giving hamburger candy and then another giving Rollercoasters. We’d like to thank them and for da tasties. 

Today, we received decorations free of charge. Yesterday, Group Higher Than You, initiated prank wars and so we kind of expected something up  when we went for lunch at 12 p.m. However we just went anyway. It turned out that KOUFU was extremely crowded so we decided to go back to our tent and eat at a later time.

We came back and we saw them hanging leaf decorations on our tent -__-, on the leaf were really really bad puns. (lol, caught red-handed) e.g. Leaf me alone, these puns are tearibble/ treerific. 


haha sho punny

At around 1, we decide to go for lunch again. When we came back, this time we were caught off guard, sprawled all around our tent was weird picture cut-outs, with extremely weird captions ._.  we had to spend a few minutes collecting …faces. Some of them are really creepy D:


thats creepy

Nothing really exciting happened in the afternoon, as we were working very hard. We managed to finish most of our work, but we are still kinda behind time.

Anyway, we had to stay till 9 again >_<  Since we stayed until 9,  Kok hai  played Sm4sh (SSB) with Mr Alvin on the DS. It was a pretty intense battle.

The day was very hard core, as usual. Right from the morning (where we had a hard time waking up :P)  to the afternoon (feeling sleepy) to the night (uber highlasdfansj)

we have a uber cool tent as well (we don’t actually know who put that up but thanks).


maybe its from jjkn59?

please comment down below if you were the ones that put up that sign. we like it.

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– Acrylics

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