Quote of the day:


Yes, we heard that every hour of the day. Or maybe every 5 minutes. We have great neighbours who ensure that we do not fall asleep while doing our work.

There was gift-giving going around on Thursday, and we’re pretty grateful to the teams for lifting our spirits. 🙂

Day 4 6

Kit Kat from Acrylics (not pictured), candycanes from Believed Beliefs; Maltesers from Chunky Monkeys (not pictured); hamburger gummies from Elemonators; various finger foods from IDK (not pictured); a motivational message from JJKN59 (not pictured)! (Yes, Wei Ting has forgotten to take photos AGAIN.)


We’re still somewhat ahead of time: Kai Li and I have completed the pixel art and we’ve been working on the SG50 and Total Defence logo, which are almost complete. Crystal and Bella are still working on the handwriting, but they’re now onto the next ‘phase’ of work on them.
And Adobe Illustrator is still painful to work with. It’s quite slow at times (even though it’s the only program open), I might have to bring a Sonic plushie and stuff him into the laptop to make it faster.

Elemonators caught a spider. Or two. :O

Day 4 7


However, we could not allow the day to pass without another little something for a certain neighbour… 😉

Day 4 1

Just one of the many leaves in various places in their tent. (This is the only sharp picture Kai Li took, sorry >_>)

Newspaper cutouts of faces pasted on leaf-shaped pieces of paper, some with captions which I thought were hilarious.

Day 4 4

The glam-est photo we have of them finding the leaves, featuring part of the message from JJKN59.

After finding them, Acrylics decided to paste them with their storyboards. What even.

We went down for lunch around 11am, and Acrylics tried to prank us, by asking if we’ve found the prank but not having played any. Thanks Mr Jon. 😀

Before playing the prank (newspaper cutouts on paper leaves), we decided to tie leaves with leaf puns to their tent as it was “dull, boring, lame, UBER COOL”. We were unfortunately caught in the act (IT WAS SUPPOSED  TO BE A SURPRISE (NOT A PRANK) DAMMIT), but they didn’t know we pasted this sign a few hours after our prank.

Day 4 9

Featuring part of JJKN59’s message to Acrylics. We did not write the ‘NO’ and/or ‘NOPE’ that appeared on the paper afterwards, though.

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