IDK – First Day of Production

We were so hyped up for the first official day of production! Our team instructor, Ms Yan Ting, printed out our storyboard and placed them against the tent walls. We also have the fearsome schedule pasted right in front of us, to remind us of impending doom are we not to complete our work on time. Real stressful, I guess. We’re going to lose lots of hair over this. D:


Because the four of us are complete foodies, we also brought a pile of food (and Clarine bought a tray to put them in.) We spent the whole day working on the propsof the animation clip and binging on cookies, chips and London chocorolls (seriously Zifang has to stop). Our food stash was half gone by the time we left…. (but it’s okay because Sheng Shiong has their store open… ALL FOR YOUU)

 IMG_0070 (1)

Keep a lookout for more updates, sneak peeks, and crazy stories on the way! And please do us a favor by giving us a likeon our page!


~Team IDK

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