Yeoh! (YO!) It’s Crystal 😀

Okay my name is Crystal (have I said that earlier? Nope I don’t think so). Umm 16 year old, turning 17 next year and I’m from Cedar Girls’ (duhhh) I’m probably the oldest participant. Probably. And I’m one of the shortest T.T Can you all feel my pain?

My groupmates and I are mostly all in the same CCA (Kai Li’s from guides) and we’re all gonna be year 4 next year (YES).

I personally think our group is kind of…weird? I mean seriously? An inflatable pool? And a bit noisy, neighbours complaining haha. But to be honest, there’s no one else I would rather be in this competition with 🙂

-Crystal Yeoh <- Do you get the Yo! pun now?

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