Acrylics Day 5.5- Hyperactive

Day 5.5 (technically day 6 but meh). We had to come today because the quality of our work was not really up to par and required quite a lot of touching up. We were told to come at 9am (as usual), but we were locked outside, as most of the instructors are really tired, so they kinda overslept 😛

*not blaming you instructors you are the best :D*

Anyways, we decided to wait in Koufu, where Kok Hai and Clarence played soccer physics (da best game eva) and Brayden played Sm4sh on Kok Hai’s 3DS<— not anti social
(“yay im pretty good at least i can beat a lv7 sheik”)

We played until around 10:15am, and then Ms Yanting, our savior, came and helped us unlock the door. We were relieved (i guess) and we immediately started work. Initially we were told that we could stay until 6pm, cos IDK had to stay back too. So we planned out the stuff that we needed to improve, and things went quite well.


focusing but still very high btw this is how our tents look like

We went for lunch at around 1pm, ‘cos Koufu closes at 2pm. 

We (actually) managed to finish work today. We also chitchatted with IDK, and was pretty kewl to get to know them, as well as some stuff about RGS (lolol)



However, it turned out that we could only stay until around 4:30pm, so we had to rush and quickly get stuff done. We also called Mr Jonathan (sorry for disturbing) to ask him about some stuff (no spoilers). We did quite well today 🙂 #yey

For some reason Clarence was quite high today, higher than you all of us.

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