Acrylics Day 5- skills to pay bills

Day 5. Wow 1 week had just past and it felt like we just started yesterday :O We kinda socialized with our neighbouring teams aka IDK and HigherThanYou and they are nice and friendly. we should take a photo :/

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Today was quite a hectic day as we had to quickly catch up with the stuff that we have yet to finish. Surprisingly, we finished quite a lot of stuff (but we are still behind time) and we managed to close up the gap.


lol look at his hair


you need da skills to pay da bills” -Clarence 2014

A catchphrase that Clarence uses in order to boost everyone’s morale (maybe ego) as we all want to be able to have skills, so that we can be independent and pay our own bills. very inspirational

We are all quite tired but we are determined to do our best!


throwback to wednesday cos we forgot to show this 😛

Due to the often usage of the phrase, we worked very hard and we could actually go home at around 6pm. (for the first time :O) …but we decided to stay until around 9pm, so as to finish up some loose ends. (and we also wanted to add more details to our props)

Ms Hazel also brought her dog along. Her name is Sherwin. Reaaally cute.

We are not really satisfied with the quality of our work, so we are intending to come back tomorrow (saturday) to make it look nicer 😀 #day5.5

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– Acrylics

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