IDK – b-b-but… its Saturday! xD

Hey there! 🙂

We had to come back to the studio today even though it was a weekend to work OT because we were a little bit behind time! [sorry Ms Yan Ting!] (this is sounding too much like working life D: but at least it’s a lot more fun :>)

The instructors were slightly late today (not that we blame them at all because they stayed behind really late even after we left to help us with our filming even after we left at nine 😦 and they still came back to watch us on a Saturday!) so kudos and thank you!!!!

However, because we had a bit of waiting time, we made friends with AlphaCrescent! 🙂 They are on the other side of the studio so we hardly ever got to see/speak to them, but it turns out they are really friendly 🙂 Their team is made of 3 Sec 1s and one Sec 2 student. It was really fun getting to know them! You can check out their page and help us give them a like here.

We also had fun chit-chatting and getting to know our neighboring team, Acrylics 🙂  It was pretty cool getting to know them better. Their animation is going to be a WOW since all three of them are from Photog and Art club. (we caught some sneak peeks ourselves today ;P and it is amazinggggggg even if they didnt think so themselves :O)

Do keep a lookout for both AlphaCrescent and Acrylics animations too!  

That’s all for now! Keep a lookout for more updates, sneak peeks, and crazy stories on the way! And please do us a favor by giving us a likeon our page 🙂


~Team IDK

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