Acrylics: Introducing… MR JONATHAN

Heyy guys, today, we’ll be introducing our handsome instructor, MR JONATHAN!1!!1! (well duh, it’s in the title.) Here’s some stuff we’ve found out about him through our interactions (and some stalking on FB).  as well as some casual chit chat, where we squeeze as much info out of him as possible. >.<

mr jonathan

this is how he looks like, just in case you don’t know

First, to start with some trivia. Mr Jonathan’s from Nanhua Pri, Hwa Chong (hmm..), and Lasalle. He likes to wear a set of abnormally blue contact lenses which we (including Ms Hazel) find really unnatural. He actually wears glasses when without his contact lenses. He really likes to play destiny and listen to Japanese songs as well. Also, he has a girlfriend. You can tell how much of a ladykiller he is. Last but not least, he has a youtube channel :OOOO He posts some unboxing and Destiny vids there but its not receiving the viewership it deserves… so you know what to do 😀 (He unboxes stuff with his gf as well so… ;P)

Oh yea, he also has a cool leather(?) jacket he wears to NYP everyday (which aids in his lady killin’)

Mr Jonathan has a lots of mad skills. When calibrating our wacom, he was able to skillfully and accurately tap the centre of the crosshair. All those sniping skills in destiny are finally useful in life. Also, as a Lasalle student, he draws like a beast, uses photoshop like a boss and has years of experience. He gives us loads of sick strats to help us use photoshops more efficiently. 😀

As his minions, he is able to make us laugh at will by saying (either) hehehe, hohoho or hahaha in his extremelY FUNNY laugh xD. That always brings a smile to our face. Somehow, he is able to tolerate our nonsense and inappropriateness. His ability to withstand our rubbish is outstandingly rare. He’s really calm and doesn’t get mad AT ALL.

Oh yeah did we mention about him being our tent guardian? He supposedly protects our stuff when we are at Koufu for lunch cos there are threats around us. All around us. We do know that he is a legendary sun covenant(lv30), but he is not really good as a guardian (Destiny references :P). He was unable to stop the onslaughts brought upon our tent by the neighbouring groups. He claims their harmless acts don’t warrant protection so… we cri. 😦

Alert. cheesy part incoming.

All in all, we are very fortunate that he is our instructor, as he is a very fun guy to interact and work with. You can easily approach him for help. We hope to not only get to know him better but to also strengthen our friendship (hopefully if we dont piss him off) 🙂

IMG_20141113_120059- new

in action. yes, our editing skills are too good 😛

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– Acrylics

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