Chunky Monkeys – A Surprise Gift

This actually happened a while ago, but I’ve only now decided to blog about this. Sorry?

In any case, it was still early in the morning and I was slightly groggy (NYP is kinda far from my house, and it takes a while to commute) when all of a sudden, we hear an announcement being made over the intercom.

“Can the Chunky Monkeys please come over to the front? All of you.”

Now, I am not very accustomed to being summoned in that manner, and not be in trouble, so naturally I was  very slightly nervous.

Isabella’s scream of “what did you do?!” definitely did not help.

Making my way to the front, with my sheepish and equally nervous groupmates in tow, we prepared to face the music, when Ms. Hazel’s bright smile came into view.


In front of her was a very big and very pink hamper. With food.

Did Christmas come early?

We might have killed a few eardrums with our squeals, but you know how it is when you receive food.

Hugging the beautiful gift closely, we ran back to our tent to uncover exactly what we have been blessed with. Aside from the food, there was also four pink stuffed monkeys. This was definitely not a mix-up. (Even if it was, we couldn’t possibly have given it back with half of its contents in our stomach.)

All in all, I think that might have been the best moment I’ve experienced so far in NYP.

And yes, in the spirit of giving, we did give away some of it. Some.

Finally, to end this all off, here is the promised bad joke/pun of the week.

You might think that the glass is half full. You might think that it is half empty. But engineers know that the glass is actually two times larger than it needs to be.


If a glass was literally half full, this will happen.

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