Day 5’s come to an end and so has the first week of Production! Not gonna lie, we started missing the studio even before we left for home. ಠ_ರೃ Time flies too quickly.

Day 5 5

Millennium Dragons gave us Kit Kat! So here’s a picture of it along with the Kit Kat from Acrylics and the message from JJKN59 on Thursday.

We brought a marble cake to share with the other teams on Friday, and in order to ensure we did not cut too many slices and make each slice too small, we went around asking each team how many slices they’d like. 8 cuts across the diameter of the cake were made, and we had a few leftovers after handing out the slices, so we offered the remaining cake to some instructors.

Day 5 1

Marble cake. Not actually made of marbles.

Crystal also brought a carton of milk for ourselves. I kinda forgot about taking a photo of it. Again. Sorry. 😦

As Kai Li and I were done with our work and were waiting on Crystal and Bella to complete their share before we could start animating, we had pretty much nothing to do the entire day except look at some Adobe After Effects tutorials and get accustomed to it.

Day 5 2

Well then. Guess that leaves me as the only group member who hasn’t used the pool as a sleeping bag.

Feeling a little cold and bored, Kai Li, Crystal, and I went on a walk around half of the third level of Nanyang Polytechnic. The temperature wasn’t too high as it was raining/drizzling, but it wasn’t as low as the Lounge. We walked past this garden thingy, and Kai Li and Crystal were interested in exploring it. So I ran back to the Lounge, being the odd one out.

75% of Momento Mori (first runner-up of NE8) visited the studio in the afternoon, around 4pm. They visited a bunch of teams and chatted with them, and they also talked to us for quite a fair amount of time (really sorry to the other teams for having a volume that’s higher than you(r instructors’)!) and they also brought some food for us!! And of course I ate the Cadbury chocolate without realising I had not taken a photo of it yet. Oops. Again. OTL

Day 5 3

Momento Mori chatting with Mr Ellery and Ms Weilin.

We told them about our animation storyline, and they seemed pretty impressed! 😀 And were also somewhat taken aback. I mean, what on Earth are we doing making an animation relating to math, don’t we dislike it? We don’t blame them, or anyone else, for having such a reaction, though. 😛

Day 5 4

Attempting to squeeze seven non-standing people in our what-now-seems-very-tiny inflatable pool. Close enough. (Photo credit: Mr Ellery)

They told us how they managed to complete their animation in 1.5 weeks, and were basically pretty bored for the rest of the Production period. We really liked their animation (PUNS, PUNS EVERYWHERE), and were wondering just how much time they had spent to create that moving work of art, so we were pretty shocked. ;D
They also informed us of how things get really crazy after dinner each day, when a lot of fun happens. We think that’s what’s happening this year too, but we can’t really stay after 6pm each day. Sigh. :L
We talked about school and lots of other things, and it was a really interesting conversation. They’re coming back for the Wrap Party on the 5th of December, so we can’t wait to speak to them again! 🙂

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