HIgh, my name is Wei Ting and I don’t like the pun I made in the title. But I love puns.
I am the person behind most of the blog posts by my team, but I don’t like writing (and reading mostly). Strangely enough, I take English Literature. (Don’t ask me why, I don’t know either.)

I am currently 15.244 (3dp) years old and have been in my schools’ Infocomm Clubs for 7 of that. I enjoy playing video games, laughing, and not being in photos.
For some reason I also enjoy walking fast and sprinting, and really cannot stand people who walk slowly at times. Contrary to what all my friends say, this is not related to my liking of the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

I love watching animated movies (Wreck-It Ralph anyone?) and TV shows (SONIC BOOM YEAHAEYEAYAEHEYA), but can’t sit still long enough to marathon anything, and neither can I stand running a marathon. I am a walking contradiction. A brisk-/race-walking contradiction seems like more of an appropriate term though.

Sonic Boom Episode 2

I had a caption for this but I forgot what I wanted to say. (Sonic Boom episode 2 screenshot)

I quite like doodling and drawing but can’t do it well enough, though my friends keep telling me otherwise.

In the second last week of school, I spent 35 hours at home working on animating a walk cycle for SDMA (doing only the legs), though it would only have about 4 seconds of screen time, which led to me to greater appreciate all the work that goes into animating the inanimate.

Fun fact: fun. songs are fun. 😛

I am really looking forward to watching our completed clips at the end of Production, as well as those of the other teams! 🙂

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