Acrylics Day 6 -Da six skillz

What a day it has been…

We are on to our 6th ( or should I say 7th, since we came on saturday) of our NEmation journey. Today we topped our record of staying until 9.35pm 😛

^lets see if we can beat that

Today, we were very excited to start trying out CrazyTalk Animator 2, as we have been working on photoshop for the last week, and its kinda getting a little boring…

However we had to touch up on minor stuff, such as highlights and organizing stuff. It was kinda frustrating, but it would help us a lot in the long run 😀

So with our amazing ‘six’ skills (heh, day 6), we were able to start using CrazyTalk Animator at around 11:30am. Since our animation uses the JibJab style (go search on youtube), we had to create our characters part by part (literally had to stick each limb together).

Well… It was kind of cool, we could manipulate people’s faces and make them do funny stuff, and the characters looked pretty weird when we made some mistakes 🙂

However, when we tried to import parts that we made, it was loading…. loading…


Clarence is not very impressed with the loading speed…….

The software was not very user friendly, and took a super duper mega ultra long time to load. Basically, to give you a rough gist of how long it took to load, the time taken to put the characters together was shorter than the time taken for everything to load.  (Clarence went to the toilet and back and it was still loading)

We also faced many obstacles, but with the help of Mr Jonathan, we were able to overcome them, ‘cos he has six skills (hehe pun again)

But seriously, Mr Jonathan is da best 😀

At one point, all of our characters right forearm and hands disappeared, even though we clearly attached them to the skeleton of the character. We just blamed it on the software saying that it is glitchy/ doesn’t load/ useless

But when the six (sick if you still don’t get the pun) and mad skillz comes into play, it becomes unstoppable. Mr Jonathan managed to solve the problem within seconds 30 minutes, and it was pretty impressive.

^#hero #killingspree #rampage

We had to stay back until 9 (ahem 9:35pm) to finish all 16 characters. It seemed impossible as we had 16 characters to do, and by 4.30, we had only finished three XP


Herbal drink for the mind

But with our never-say-die spirit (不放弃精神)…

We were spamming, and by 9.35pm, we finished 15 (lol one more left). We had to go as we were staying back really late  and we did not want to make our kind instructor, Ms Hazel stay back. 

So, we nearly finished all of our work today, yeah!!!! optimism over 9000


Amazing group photo

(let’s forget the fact that we are one day behind in terms of work XP)

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