IDK – Our Ambassador



Apparently our ambassador is named William Tan (coincidentally, Valeska’s father is named William Tan too). Yes very interesting. His blog is, and a quick sweep through reveals that he has had 980k views over the last 30 days??!!! That’s the Watsons Friendly Face Male (2010) for you!



Excited to meet the Friendly Face. 😛



William honestly looks quite different in real life from his pictures on his blog haha. He had on quite the Friendly Face, as befits his title! As any blogger would do, he took pretty meticulous notes while getting to know us better. It was our first time meeting him, so we naturally froze up with a stranger in our midst, but hopefully we’ll be more comfortable around each other the next time we meet.


Check out William’s blog at!


Keep a lookout for more updates, sneak peeks, and crazy stories on the way! And please do us a favor by giving us a likeon our page ;-;


~Team IDK

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