IDK – Take 2-5

We haven’t had the time to post for the past few days, but we’re going to make up for it now!
Basically, the last three days were a complete rush for us, and between animating and eating, we hardly had time for anything else! 😉 (except eating more food

Meanwhile, we’ve been stocking up on food daily (and depleting the stash again by the end of the day) Just look how many Tom and Jerry chips we ate on day 3 :O But we will not stop buying food, ever.

We’ve also been staying back till 9pm everyday to catch up on work, but admittedly the efficiency kind of drops when the scent of our instructors’ zhichar dinner wafts into the tent. 😉 Funnily enough, staying back later was the best part of the day as we had almost the whole lounge to ourselves (with the exception of our ever-friendly opposing team, Acrylics, chanting hohoho, hehehe and hahaha opposite our tent. Someone needs to calm them down.)

The fun parts 🙂 –

  • Making friends with Team Higher Than You and Alpha Crescent!
  • Going for lunch and taking breaks from work.
  • On Friday, before we left, Ms Hazel brought her dog into the studio! She was absolutely adorable and we had fun playing with her even though it was only for a while 🙂
  • Finding out the magic of the yong tau foo stall. Seriously they have a whole variety of food also yay hashbrowns give me life.

Wish us luck in surviving the remaining 10 days. 😉

Keep a lookout for more updates, sneak peeks, and crazy stories on the way! And please do us a favor by giving us a likeon our page ;-;


~Team IDK

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