Acrylics Day 7 – The First Half

Day 7…

The adventure continues as we’ve arrived at the end of the first half of production (15 days). Today was an utterly disappointing interesting day. In the morning, we gave out personalised cards and sweets (KOPIIKOOO) to the other teams (credits to Clarence). It was realllllyy awkward as most of them had their earpieces in so…

“Hi we are Team Acrylics and……. excuse me?”

This idea (cred to Clarence again), was to show our appreciation to the groups who gave out stuff as well. We’re thankful of their gestures and decided to reciprocate. (y so corny.)

<Cards drawn by Clarence>

IMG_20141125_091713 IMG_20141125_091710 IMG_20141125_091707

Anyway, today was the day our deal with IDK (RGS) was sealed. Basically, we gotta publicise for each other among the ‘Raffles Family’ (sick strats). It may seem like a win-win, but… hopefully the guys (on the ri side) won’t be swooned over by them and just vote for them. heh. >.< If this goes well, maybe, just maybe, we might have a chance :]


The Alliance has begun…

As usual, we had to stay back lateee. Currently, we’re kinda behind schedule by about half a day so we gotta really buck up. Today, we began the animating of the characters’ movements. yayayayay. Our software of choice was the crazy mighty CrazyTalk. After some quick tutorials by the man himself, Mr Jonathan, we began trying out the different functions. As it was our first time using the talk to animate, it took us a while (like a REaLly looong while) to familiarise ourselves with the many parts to take note of.


The man himself in action credits: HigherThanYou

CrazyTalk was a pretty difficult software to utilise. It had quite a few limitations in terms of character movements and there were multiple irreparable problems that cropped up (even the man himself couldn’t fix it). However, the talk, of course, had some pluses as well. The facial editing tool was gud. As you can guess from its name, it lets us edit faces. SO of course the first thing we did was wreck our actors faces muahahaha (sorry pls no sad) It was definitely the most humorous tool to use :DDD

Our day ended with us looking at Ms Hazel play Monster Hunter on her 3DS completing our work that was due today. Ms Thiang (our blogger/ ambassador) came today, instead of Wednesday. So we just updated her on our progress, but nothing much really happened though 😛


Cake from Ms Thiang :DDDD Gonna eat it tomorrow

Overall, it was a pretty smooth day, (aside from the occasional screw ups). There’s definitely room for improvement but I think we’re pretty satisfied with our work so far 😀

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