IDK – Days 6 and 7

It is our second week sitting in our tents and staring at bright screens all day long while munching on snacks every other minute. (like seriously from 9-9) We fear for our eyesight. We fear for our health. We fear for our sanity. But yay no fear of starving.  

But not to worry! Seeing our production come to life (reallly) slowly is both terrifying and awesome. As we come up with what else to write about, Clarine is once again dreaming about lunch (specifically, yong tau foo).

Aside from the production, we have made friends!! (what a feat!!!) Over the past few days, we are glad to have received so many nice gifts (mainly food) from the other teams. Shoutout to Alpha Crescent (for the bread, cookie and card) and also Higher Than You (for the hot chocolate). Thanks to Acrylics for the card and sweets too! All of you guys are amazing.

Since this post seems to be going in the “I thank you” direction, we would like to express our gratitude towards our mentor, Ms Yan Ting for her extreme patience with our nonsense. 

On another note, we also made a deal with Acrylics today to publicize their team if they do the same for us because #teamraffles #rafflesspirit $#all for one We’re not really sure how this is going to play out, but we’ll cross our fingers and hope for the best 😉 comment on what you think of our ‘alliance’? xD

so tall ;-;

so tall ;-;

soo… if we survive the day we’ll hopefully write a post about our daily struggle fun times. Snippets of us in our natural habitat will soon surface as well. 


Keep a lookout for more updates, sneak peeks, and crazy stories on the way! And please do us a favor by giving us a likeon our page


~Team IDK

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