Acrylics: Day 8- Lethargic

Day 8, wow das gr8 m8.

Honestly, today was not a good day AT ALL lol.

Due to the lack of sleep from the past few days, we were all very tired, hence less productive. It wasn’t as bad at the start of the day, as all of us were determined to catch up (we were one day behind).

Clarence wasn’t feeling very well (red bloodshot eyes, slow reactions, lower that ususal morale, not as enthusiastic, less hyper, no random awkward jokes), so he drank water. A ton of water.

The recommended amount of water you should drink in a day is 8 cups of water.

Clarence drank 8  bottles of water

Our task for the day: Finish animating 4 characters (no spoilers)



We started the day quite well, as we were all able to learn how to animate quite fast. But…. By the evening, we found out that somewhere, somehow we screwed up… BIG TIME. (cept’ clarence, somehow his file was still fine.) Basically, our animated character’s faces could not be animated AT ALL.

This was a major setback as the file took a long time to put together. Even with the help of Mr Ellery (the best of the best), the problem could not be solved. We found out that the head file was imported as a face and was thus unable to be edited. We couldn’t think of anyway to remedy it without redoing the file..  At this time, Clarence had just went home as he was not feeling well. Yet another set back that hit us drastically. 

With an epic display of sick strats, we didnt exactly fix the problem but we sorta fixed it (makes sense no?) We managed to reuse the file without redoing it. wooot. finally we could go for dinner. (At macs cos Koufu was closed by then lol)

Of course, the man himself, Mr Jonathan, was not pleased. Instead of eating with the instructors, he ate two filet-o-fishes while watching Game Grumps. In the end, we managed to catch up and fix the file by 9.30 (except brayden, he was ‘drunk’ – he put the arm sprite at the leg lol) 

The day was a rollercoaster ride. With Clarence’s depleting health, and da major screw up, we had a hell of a time. Guess who’s working overtime again tmr. On the bright side, macs was tasty :DDD… T.T

oh ya tasty.

oh ya tasty.

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