Acrylics: No Regrets

<this post is targeted to other groups, but if you are not from one of the other groups, just read it anyways>

You may think that N.E.mation! is a digital animation competition ……

Nope. You are WRONG.

*clears throat*

N.E.mation doesn’t really seem like an competition. It is a platform where you get to experience things that you will never be able to (once in a lifetime) e.g. producing a clip that will be projected onto the tv/cinema

^how cool is that

You can make new friends, and get to know more about other schools huehuehue. But most importantly, HAVE FUN!

I know this whole post is already quite cheesy, but seriously and honestly, from the bottom of our heart, enjoy what you are doing now.

You may think that “wow this is so frustrating”


One example of frustration

It has already been 8 days, but it just seemed like we just started yesterday. It’s kinda sad that we may not get to see everyone after these 3 weeks, but the memories among us will stay forever (so make a good impression :D)

maybe take more photos 😛 <just a suggestion, doesn’t have to be with us>

*inserts group photo*

But Remember: No regrets

This is a term/ phrase/ two words/ whatever you call it that Mr Ellery has emphasized over the past few days.

You may think that “Ok, we have no regrets”.

But we all know that somewhere deep down in your heart, there is something about this competition that is bothering you. Maybe it is that fact that you need to come to NYP for 3 weeks from 9am-6pm, or maybe its because you dislike animation (but then why are you here), or maybe……

^there must be something

 But you need to know that “Wow, I am so fortunate to be here!”

No pain, no gain

Feel grateful that you are in the Top 10 😀


Look everyone is soooo happy

Your story is special, in some unique way, so unique that you wow that judges, so unique that you wow the public, so unique that you wow everyone

“If something is good, it’s wonderful. If something is bad, it’s experience” -Anonymous

Dedication is key in this production

So remember, rule number 1: no regrets

^lol so deep that adele is rolling in it #rollinginthedeep

Give things (e.g. sweets, cards, food?) to other groups to make them more motivated to work harder. Trust us, it works 🙂

Please give us your support by going to the NEmation9 Top 10 app and liking our team! (also IDK)

^we are helping them, but remember to like ours before you like theirs

You can also find out more on Twitter and Instagram! Thanks for reading 😀 Do comment on our blog posts if you have any questions in mind!

comment “banana” if you like this type of posts. we are trying something new and refreshing.


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