Monday (I’m writing this on Tuesday because I fell asleep while typing out the title, but publishing this on Wednesday because it’s past midnight, go me) was kinda mental. Mental Monday, perhaps?
Hopefully it wouldn’t be Mental Monday next week, as it’ll be Open House. (Open House is kind of like secondary schools’ open houses, just that we’ll have distinguished guests and lots of other people. And we can only invite two adults and one child each.)

Crystal was higher than everyone, jumping around literally everywhere and talking in some really strange higher-pitched voice. O_____o Well, I suppose that makes up for the fact that she is NOT physically higher than all of you, says the shortest person in the group.

Day 6 1

Note to self: always have camera ready to avoid such low quality pictures.

As punishment for her nuisance, I had her do 100 jumping jacks. It wasn’t exactly the best idea for Crystal to reply that she had forgotten how to do a jumping jack, because I changed the punishment to 100 pushups, and finally 100 burpees, after she said how she couldn’t do 100 pushups.
I may or may not be regretting that because later she complained about how her muscles ached and attempted to do some stretches she found on the Internet. She also asked our tent neighbour for some advice and you know what, I-I think I’ll stop here, the rest of it is a little too embarrassing for me to type and you to read and that’s all you need to know. Nothing else. Nuh-uh. OTL Carry on.

That aside, there was more gift-giving on Monday! AlphaCrescent gave us a really nice vanilla roll, accompanied by a note and a tiny plush cookie! *o*

Day 6 2

Guess who forgot to take a photo of the food again. No prizes for guessing correctly.

Nothing much really happened, but we did get started on animating our assets in Adobe After Effects, which was a pain at the start. We’re getting used to it, though, and it does get easier once you’re more comfortable with the software. 🙂

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