IDK – 10 Confessions of an IDK N.E.mator

Since you guys are so ‘interested’ in our personal lives…here’s 10 confessions to let you guys know us better (:

  1. Regrettably, the instructors have more energy than us ;-;
  2. Clarine eats too much food  (no I don’t).
  3. Sometimes we just give up on legit work and flop on the ground like Magikarp. (befriend us Chunky Monkeys we made a Pokemon reference just for you)
  4. Someone in our team accidentally dropped the stylus into the bin.
  5. Remember the special announcement about not changing the radio station? Yeah, that was us. Oops.
  6. We probably have fewer friends than we actually think we do. >> evident in our facebook likes
  7. We are secretly hurt that our ambassador has not blogged about us. (we cry at night while eating children under the bed)
  8. We are secretly jealous of the RI teacher that comes to visit their team almost everyday. (and she brings food)
  9. There are great days, good days, and then there are mistakes.
  10. We’ve sneaked up on every team’s storyboard. #sorrynotsorry #somenightsgetlonely

Bonus: it turns out ms yan ting makes interesting sounds when she enjoys food. :O 😉

Caught Red-handed!

Caught Red-handed!

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