IDK – Starting Day 8

So, we are currently eating pretzel sticks. They taste like heaven.

yay HQ pretzel

yay HQ pretzel :>

We’re (hopefully) going to actually start on our work for scene 2 today. We have to complete our work for 4 scenes, and so far our progress is non-existent. Much worried.

Adding to our much worry, today is also Chelsia’s LAST DAAAAAAAY. Why you go Korea you boosh. Anyway, since Chelsia was one of the few in the group who actually did legit work, we can foretell many more tales of pain and suffering to be spun in the coming days. Yay. We’re considering tying her up to the chair and not letting her leave but that seems a bit inhumane. Fine you can leave peasant.

We need to concentrate on eating so bye.


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