BB: Wednesday (We are still alive, how is that possible)

When we say Connie (Constance) is obsessed with Big Hero Six, we mean she’s totally, absolutely, cray-cray over it. She set Baymax as her wallpaper, and Tadashi (who I admit is pretty cute :P) as her Whatsapp background. Like why, just why? To be honest though, all four of us adore the movie. We even attempted to do the Baymax version of the fist bump. Yeah, we did. Thoroughly creeping out Mr Alvin and Mr Lander in the process. Yay.

Mr Alvin will join us in doing the Baymax fist bump thing tomorrow (I hope) because he’s watching the movie today YAY.

Oddly enough, we seem to work best in the morning. Maybe it’s because it’s not as noisy? *COUGH HACK COUGH* We stayed back to attempt tying up the loose ends, but sadly it’s spilling over into tomorrow :((( I think we all wanna find a cliff and hurl ourselves down to the rocky bottom screaming “PIZZAAAAAA!” Who’s with me? *silence* Kay, I see how it is :c

Another bit of bad news – our ambassador couldn’t make it *cue sadface* BUT she’s coming on Friday, so I guess it worked out? Oh, and I finished stalking Mr Jonathon, so now I’m bored. Which instructor should I stalk next? (Mr Alvin and Ms Yan Ting are out, they’ve been stalked). And if someone could give me Mr Lander’s Instagram, I would be eternally grateful. PS: I hope Mr Lander will really buy us pizza and cosplay as Asuna from SAO or a cheerleader like he promised. If he doesn’t, BOO, SHAME ON YOU FOR LYING TO AN INNOCENT KID!

Anon from BB out~ (because I’m hungry.)

Hi everyone, I hope you all realise that was Lee Cheng HAHAHAHAHAHA. I would never type stuff like that and only Lee Cheng will bother stalking instructors LOL.

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