Acrylics: Day 9- nein

Today was a great day.
A wonderful day.
A fantabulous day.

We could finally go home at 6pm (omg :OO )


What a fabulousssss day heman is swag

Now, you must know what that means… we’re finallly on schedule! :DDD Somehow, somewhere, even after yesterday’s setback, we managed to do it. According to the man himself, Mr Jonathan, he planned for us to complete assembling and animating the characters by this week. Apparently, he says that our animating skillz is quicker than he had thought (he think we nub T.T)  so we managed to complete the stuffs faster than he anticipated. Even with the screw ups.

Olololol. Today, we finished up the finale scene (13 characters >.<) and patching up some leftover mess from yesterday. As we managed to keep up a quick pace of work today, we were pretty relaxed knowing that we had a chance to catch up by the end of the day.

The day began with Clarence bringing tasties to give out and Kok Hai coming late and missing it (sorry >.<) Apparently, Clarence brought scones (?) to give instructors. Sweet.

Happier than ever, we had wanted to stay till 9 to work on tomorrow’s stuff (so we could complete our entire animation ahead of time and have a few days of slacking… Looking at you HTY). But even with Clarence’s bugging persuading, both Ms Hazel and Mr Jonathan were unwilling to let us stay past 7. We were pretty disappointed but they had their reasons. (They wanted us to have more rest <3) Anyway, by 7pm, we managed to edit and improve some of our past works. We were pretty energetic when we left unlike some other days so das gr8.

Often, as with other days, we spent our time chatting with the man himself as we worked. By now, Mr Jonathan has learnt our lingo and we have learnt his. We ‘converse’ in a really sarcastic and exaggerated tone, throwing snarky remarks here there everywhere. (of course not really meaning them) These exchanges are especially funny and fill our day with laughter.

Hehehe. Hohoho. Hahaha.

Muahahaha. Today’s conversations were especially humourous, with jokes, references and some crude topics thrown around here and there. xD (again not the intentions to offend anyone) We’d really like to post some funny ones here but they may be too much of an inside joke to understand (or a little too inappropriate xD)

Of course, we hope we can keep this up as next week’s our final stretch. With production coming to a close next week, we hope to forge stronger ties and establish long lasting rapports with the people around us. sho cheesy.


lately our posts have been a little cheesy. too cheesy. xD

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