Acrylics: Stay healthy

<another deep post regarding house rules>

So we were just reading the house rules (we abide the “law”), and we thought of something important to write, something so important that we need to share with you guys. It may sound really cliché, but guys(and girls), please remember to…


oh yes so refreshing yum

oh yes so refreshing yum

This may sound very familiar *starts reenactment*

“Have fun! Do remember to DRINK WATER”

“The weather is very hot, please DRINK WATER”

“Are you feeling unwell? If not, please DRINK WATER”

“I like to DRINK WATER”

^ok maybe not the last one

We all know that we often underestimate the importance of good health. We take it for granted. We all require good health to carry out daily tasks, and in this case, creating an animation.

We should not waste this precious one-in-a-lifetime type of opportunities

Your progress shouldn’t be hindered by your health

no no coughing go drink some water

no no coughing go drink some water

Our team has experienced this “hinderance”, and we hope that no one else will experience.

Yesterday (Wednesday), Clarence wasn’t feeling well (not happy, enthu, no puns), so he left earlier at around 6pm (lol we usually stay until 9pm).

We already know that we only have 3 members, one less than the other teams, and losing another one will dEsTrOy us

Kok Hai and Brayden couldn’t really accomplish much, as they were also really tired (and low morale cos Clarence wasn’t there to make jokes :< )

Advice: Drink non-sweetened drinks (aka water) and regulate your snacks input.

yummy but don't eat too much of it drink water

yummy but don’t eat too much of it drink water

People will ususally relate “staying healthy” to the condition of their bodies. 

However, “staying healthy” also refers to the condition of their minds

So is it more important to stay back super late just to finish drawing that last frame, adjust a sprite, or get the rest your body needs to restore your energy in order to be more productive the next day?  We all know the correct answer yet we fail to make health a priority.

Remember to go home and rest your eyes, mind and body. Spare your eyes; they have been staring at a screen for at least 8 hours. Spare your mind; Brain juices are running out. Spare your body; You will understand when you lie on your bed (oh yeah so soft and comfy bye zzzzz)

Take care of your health. Maybe you can start by restricting yourself to 2 packs of Milo a day? Or you can remind your friends to drink water every hour.


This is how Brayden remembers to drink water (he is a fan of FIFA15) but this is from FIFA 14 lol

Remember: Take small steps to achieve something big

^it sounds really lame but it works all the time

this applies to everyone, so no exceptions

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