Crystal: Thoughts Halfway Through Production Week

I just wanna say this post may or may not be affected by Acrylics’ very touching cheesy post No Regrets. I absolutely did not feel like crying after reading it.

So here are just some of my thoughts on this very special event in my life. Honestly, I really did not expect to get this far (I mean there was hope, but yeah), sometimes everything seems so surreal.

Waking up early everyday during school holidays, coming to NYP, having coffee, saying good mornings, turning on computers and ANIMATING.

This is really the life man. I just hate how time is slipping away so damn fast. I don’t even want to think about how short this camp is (three weeks!!) and just how little time I have left 53hours24mins34sec as of now. I just wanna stay like this forever. (Maybe I don’t really mean that but that’s how I feel.)

Okay, now rereading what I’ve written, maybe I got a bit carried away. But hey I’m really sohappyIwannadieandIwouldntratherbeanywhereelsewhydoesthis  havetoend glad I’m in this camp, even though Mr Ellery keeps on emphasizing on “No Regrets, No Regrets, No Regrets.” But I can’t help but feel that as long as this thing ends, I will have regrets.

But hey, Crystal, there’s still like half a week left even though Production for us has pretty much ended, Crystal stop striking stuff out seriously, people can still read it. You’re just making things harder for them.

So Imma do what I can to treasure it. 😀 (Making full use of that free flow coffee!) And for me Production has been really fun; there have been some confusing moments, but I still have not met with those frustrating moments that you feel like killing After Effects by defenestrating the laptop (unlike someone).

Dayum, this blog post is long okay okay gonna end now. On a side note, wish Clarence a speedy recovery and that we not be so 免费 (free) and bother other groups cause I think they are peeved at us. 😛


P.S. Feel free to comment, I really wanna hear what you think!!

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