Wei Ting puts the ‘pro’ in ‘procrastinate’, thus this post is published two days late. Great job, me.

In the morning, Acrylics went around giving a card and some sweets to the rest of the teams. Nice people. ^v^

Day 7 1

You could say it was pretty sweet of them. 😀

We’ve pasted the card along with the small “高过你” ((bad) direct translation of higher than you) calligraphy sign we had Mr Jonathan write earlier, and now there are more “higher than you” signs that are, well, higher than you! 😛

The rest of the morning was pretty uneventful, with us sitting at our tables animating our assets in Adobe After Effects. We tried to make it as perfect as possible, editing each and every imperfection we could find.

We went for early lunch as usual and got back to work after that. It was pretty uneventful and we were just waiting for our Ambassador to visit us at 4pm.
That is, until Crystal and Kai Li ran back to the studio from the toilet with surprised expressions on their faces. :O

Apparently, they had seen our teachers walking towards the studio! You might not share our excitement and happiness, but it’s just that we have not really heard much from our school since we joined this competition and made it through to the semi-finals and finals (a first for the school!), thus we were extremely elated to have this surprise visit from them! 🙂

They brought us a ton of snacks, as well as a handwritten card from our three Vice Principals! Our Principal had to rush off before she could write to us, but she sent us well-wishes too.

Day 7 2


Day 7 3


Our teachers said that they might not be able to make it for the Open House next week, thus they decided to visit us. We talked for a while, and we presented our story to them. They seemed pretty impressed. We took a few pictures together in the pool, and one of them decided to film a silly little video which you can watch here. 😛

Around 4pm, our Ambassador, Miss Karen, arrived with her companion! This is our first time meeting her, so we were very excited!!

Day 7 4

Miss Karen looking at the sign hanging from our tent!

We introduced her to our story, and told her about our journey here. We showed her some of the work we’ve done so far, and we chatted for quite a while! 🙂
Her companion set up a camera to film a time-lapse video of us doing work, and also helped take several photos and videos for her future blog post!

Day 7 7

A classic. Taking a photo of the photo-taking device.

The camera ^ was set to take a picture every second, and as there were going to be 24 frames each second for the video, 24 images of footage(?) would be ‘compressed’ into a second.

Day 7 9

…hmm…definitely doing work alright…

You can see a few more pictures of her visit on our Instagram account as well as the official NEmation one! Do look out for her blog post soon!
Oh, and Mr Raphael has published his blog post regarding his visit to the studio last Wednesday, you can check out ours here, and Chunkey Monkeys’ here! 😛

If you’re an avid NEmation! fan, you might recall hearing about the fridge in the pantry being nicknamed ‘FUBAR’ (fridge unit bearing awesome refreshments) last season. Well, a thing happened.

Day 8 5

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water! But don’t drink far too much either.

(And also a shoutout to Momento Mori! Thanks for the idea… ;P)

We went to the centre of the studio (essentially the pantry area) for a debrief around 6pm. Everyone, for some reason, started sitting in a giant circle, which led to one of the instructors saying anyone who wasn’t in the circle would be sacrificed. This led to teams scrambling to get in a circle, and getting others to move so other teams wouldn’t be possibly sacrificed. Hmm. Maybe it was a team bonding tactic.

Anyway, when Mr Ellery started his debrief, he talked about the circle and jokingly asked if there was going to be a sacrifice. Moving onto the actual debrief, Mr Ellery reminded us to take care of ourselves (snack on healthy food rather than junk), and even told us that he brought a bunch of bananas, which were gone pretty quick.

After the debrief, we headed back to our tents. As our pool was filled with fake flowers and leaves, we had to empty it. I lifted up the pool (it was pretty fun!!) and poured the contents into our black box, from which Bella sorted the flowers and leaves into plastic bags. Seeing the pool being lifted, Mr Jonathan, our super cool instructor, decided to try carrying the pool too. O_____O

Day 7 17

The latest Olympics sport. 😛

The pool was very light and bouncy, though we didn’t throw it around like a beach ball lest we accidentally puncture it. 😛

Overall, it was a pretty fun day and we were still ahead of time. We aren’t exactly best friends with Adobe After Effects yet but at least we aren’t fiends!

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