IDK – Day 9 (1/2)

Haha it’s Day 9. Ever since Chelsia left (like last night lol), we’ve been crying (in our heads). And eating her food (very good). 

We arrived bright and early to a locked door. Ye. The world just works like that. So we stood outside like peasants (!!!) till we were let back into hell again. Wow so excited.

Since there is no longer a certain sociable groupmate in our midst, we have decided that communication with other groups, while favourable, is no longer essential (jk we just can’t talk sorry guys). With string we found from various areas in our tent, we secured the back side of our tent to prevent ourselves from unconsciously drifting away from work (!!!).

Speaking of work, we be behind schedule lol. Been deluding ourselves for a while, but aye the truth be dat we so done with rotoscopin’ yo. Anyway so we’re staying behind every day and getting acquainted with the RI guys (and we suspect one of them is from choir. such voice.) and our Wacom screens as we lie on them in agony. 

Yes we gotta get workin. Let’s all sing the happy working song kids!!! 

– IDK 

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