BB: Toilet Thursday

Since Cornstarch revealed my identity, yes, I admit that I am Cheng. So hi. Cons isn’t so innocent in the stalking department either. 😛 And I’m typing this during N.E. mation work-time, because I need a break. I’m seriously considering throwing myself down a cliff just about now. My fingers are frozen, and I’ve lost all feeling in them. I think I have frostbite haaalp D:

Fun fact: did you know instructors take longer to eat lunch than students? Our instructor left with his posse a good half hour before us, but we came back BEFORE them c: Anyways, Toilet Thursday. Funny thing, we wanted to go to the toilet after lunch, so we went to the one close to the escalator. The cubicles were all occupied, so we stood there waiting and having conversation like the awkward ducks that we are. After waiting for an eternity and a half, we decided to go to the other toilet, so we toddled there, seeing Ms Beverly on the way. I’m not sure what happened, but then suddenly we were all running to the other toilet in some sort of weird, twisted competition. Only to find that it was being cleaned. Yay. So then we walked all the way back to the other toilet, and somehow got into another race. In that toilet, I was commenting on Hazel being the Queen of the Toilets and asking her which cubicle she wanted to rule over her kingdom in (DON’T JUDGE ME YOU MUGGLE). And guess what? Ms Beverly came out of a cubicle. I wanted to die right there. But I settled for hiding behind Kylie. Because life is hard. She muttered “Weird girls.” as she walked past, and the moment she left we started rofl. Well, not really rolling on the floor. The toilet floor is dirty, so that would be beyond gross. Ugh. So yeah, that’s why today’s blog is called Toilet Thursday. On a side note, I think my fingers are really gonna fall off ;___;

Anon signing off~ (because Anon sounds cool and I’m cool. Kinda. Plus I need to get back to work.)

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