Acrylics- Sneak Peek 1

Hello, as we promised in an earlier blog post, here’s our first sneak peek XD

You might have realised from the images of our previous blog posts (hint hints everywhere) that we are doing an animation based on a jib jab style.

downloadHere’s a link for you to watch a jib jab video (we also use such videos for reference)

Jib Jab Video- It’s time for some campaigning

Those of you who do not want to watch the video, here’s a quick explanation  of what a jib jab video actually is:

1. Its more comical and light hearted
2. It uses an oversized head of real people

Yep, the outstanding features of jib jab is mainly the above two points.

So, as you may have read from our ambassador, Ms Thiang’s blog post, our animation is tagged along with a catchy song (which you can add to your playlist after our animation is released XD).

Anyway, as you would have realised, if you have watched the jib jab video, that there are many characters, which explains staying till 9+ everyday for the past 9 (10 if you include saturday) days. We’ve been working hard creating each individual part of the characters and piecing them together (not to mention the crazy long time crazytalk takes to load). Oh yea, there’s also the backgrounds and props to make as well xD So, it has been a hard and tiring process.


A piece of he Chinese’s clothing

So, before animating the actual figure, we have to use some software skills to make sure that the face can actually move and change expression. At first, it took us quite a while to complete, but now we can finish this part of the process in a few minutes, (like how Clarence had to keep redoing his face 5 times because something went wrong). A part of the process that allows us to move and change the face is shown in the picture below:


Pharaoh Aiman.

So after everything is done, we can start animating :D, and below we can see one of the frames of our jib jab character walking.


Classy Ernest is classy.

For the animating, its not so tedious that you have to change every single frame of the character movement, not like some softwares (crazytalk got the skills too). However, we still have to move all the body parts we want to animate (I mean, you don’t say).

Other than the motion part, its kind of hard to imagine how you can change someone from an emotionless picture to happy or sad or even opening his mouth with teeth (yes, teeth :O) with a software.

Yep, its exciting to be able to manipulate people’s faces to happy or sad, yet still maintain their realistic looks.

Hope you enjoyed the little tiny peek into our animation and the process in which we make it.

So stay tuned to our future posts and sneak peeks, to see more of our backgrounds, after effects,  our characters’ facial expressions and more.

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