Day eight. Which means it’s halfway through Production. Time really flies when you’re having fun. 😦

The milo FUBAR was protecting was running low, as well as other drinks, so being the nice people we are, we helped refill it early in the morning. But as advised by Acrylics, don’t drink too much milo (and other packet drinks)! (Drink water instead, but don’t drink too much of it as well (like >4l with very little physical activity) because of the threat of water poisoning.)
FUBAR is extremely cold. Much colder than the NYP Lounge. So it was a pain to refill it, having to stand in front of the open fridge for a minute or two at a time and put in the drinks one by one or two by two. Theoretically, this could have been done much faster, but it really bothered me seeing how some drinks were not facing the same direction as the rest and therefore I just had to make them face the same way.
PS. Please please please don’t purposely turn some of the drinks around DON’T DO THIS TO ME…

Back in the tent. We were reading through this blog as usual, and then Mr Jonathan came in. He just so happened to want to look through the blog as well, and he stumbled upon Acrylics’ Day 6 post. Y’know, the one with a huge portrait photo of Clarence. Mr Jonathan, our ONE OF A KIND instructor, decided to save the image to the laptop he was using, and then change the desktop wallpaper to that image. I-

Day 8 1

Mr Jonathan pls

So now Clarence’s face is plastered on at least 3 monitors (photo evidence (credits: Acrylics)). Except Bella changed the wallpaper after coming back from lunch so it’s down to 2. There are probably more but I’m not sure if they’ve been changed.

By the way, did you know Mr Jonathan has really cool striped socks?

Day 8 8

His pants are long enough to hide his socks so you don’t usually see them unlike someone else’s

Such colour combination. Much wow.

Around 10am, we had to do a retake of some of the physical objects that link the entire animation together, due to some errors in the previous take. As AlphaCrescent is doing stop-motion animation, they already had a green-table/screen set up in their black-cloth-covered tent, so we used their tent to do the photo-taking. The lights had to be switched off in order to do the photo-taking, so it was not exactly the best place for Miss Weilin to attempt to tell us some ghost stories of our school. *A*

Watching Miss Weilin, Mr Jonathan, Miss Beverly, and Mr Alvin attempt the get the camera as straight as possible was very painful. (Mr Jonathan even claimed the camera moves by itself (which was quite true).) OTL
Finally, after several eternities, the camera was perfectly aligned, and we could start taking the photos! We had to align the objects first so the camera would not warp them too much, and that is easier to say than to execute. But we managed to do it, although the entire process took at least an hour, and it was about time for our lunch.

Day 8 2

Crystal is attracted to the TV in koufu.

Not very sure when this happened, so I’ll just park this here.
There was a football made out of some plastic and masking tape and markers and we heard Mr Jonathan using our tent as a goalpost. Our tent is the last one west of the Lounge entrance, so there was quite a fair bit of empty space beside it (where the iPad that controls the radio is, and random things we can’t touch).
He dribbled it down the corridor of the west tents, and then kicked it into Acrylics’ (his main team) tent. Again, not very sure when this happened but some teams started kicking the ‘football’ around. Pretty interesting to watch. 😛

Another interesting thing that happened in the area was a little Nerf gun war between the three guys of wasd.

Day 8 3

A typical day in the studio.

Crystal: WASD IS DA COOL TEAM! They brought nerf guns okay, and had a cowboy showdown in middle of nowhere (actually the corridor). Seriously, newfound respect for them. And we were enthusiastic audiences. XD

Yet ANOTHER thing that happened in the area was the small ‘campfire’ that happened between the tents of Chunky Monkeys, IDK, Acrylics, and ours. The four or five people (from Chunky Monkeys, IDK, and our team) that were chatting were talking about (overnight) camps and OBS events(?) that they have gone for, such as the Level 3 camp that my teammates and I attended in February. They also talked about third languages and blah blah blah I’ll just end this here.

We also continued work on Adobe After Effects. Much work had been done, but there was still a fair bit to do. Except for Crystal, who has completed most, if not all, of her work. She filmed a short little video of our tent and edited it in…Adobe After Effects… O_____O You can watch it here.

Blogger Miss Mint Leong visited the studio in the afternoon! It was really fun meeting her for the first time. 😀

Day 8 7

Looking at the papers on Chunky Monkeys’ tent.

Acrylics left this pack of Snickers in FUBAR in the morning.

Day 8 4


Seeing as the piece I took around 4pm was the last one, I also took the pack and walked with purposeful fervor back to my tent. (Can’t just leave an empty piece of plastic there. Even though it would have been a good prank.)
Deciding to return the pack, I went to Acrylics’ tent, where I found Kok Hai and Brayden shoving each other or something. Brayden took the pack and wore it on his head (credits: Acrylics). We shall not judge. O_____O

Crystal: And behold, another unintentional prank for our very dear friend Acrylics! Okay this is the first time I’m telling anyone these, even my groupmates don’t know. I handed the Acrylics Skittles and told them they were M&M’s (everyone thought I was pranking them and they realised it centuries later). The truth is, I just screwed up and said they were M&M’s without realising it. But all went well when we heard a loud exclamation HOURS later, “WAIT, THESE AREN’T M&M’S, THEY’RE SKITTLES”, followed by loud bursts of laughter (from us). So yeah, things are pretty normal here. 😛

Crystal: Okay one of the surprising things that happened on Wednesday was us finding a belt in the middle of the corridor. A belt. A belt. In case you didn’t hear that. A belt. Like what? So being the responsible citizens we are, we kept it. Yeap you heard that right, I think we were high from everything because I don’t really know what we were thinking either. But hey, to err is human sorry Clarence. The weirdest thing is that the owner of the belt. Did. Not. Realise. It. At. All. In the end, we returned it. And then took one of their pairs of spectacles. That was returned too.

I heard Acrylics fighting over the cake they got from their Ambassador, and basically everything was just really really funny. Our tent neighbour is comedy gold.

Because I was higher than you from laughing a lot, I decided to move the ‘free starbucks here’ sign from our tent to the main trash bag in the pantry. We all thought it was pretty funny, despite being caught in the act. 😛
Too bad it was gone the next day, and I had forgotten to take a photo. :c

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