BB: Late Night Crisis

I’m sleepy. Asdfghjkl. So Corn and I worked OT again, while the other two went riding into the sunset in an MRT. We didn’t really have to stay back, since we’re coming back tomorrow anyway, but we wanted to get a headstart (or in my case, catch up :p). We ended up watching Wasd and HigherThanYou and some instructors play Cards Against Humanity. It was ‘sick’. If you caught the reference, you, my friend, are awesome 🙂 Really though, it was a way to procrastinate, not gonna lie. We didn’t exactly waste our time either, it was totally worth it watching the instructors’ faces of disgust. Huehuehuehuehue *trollface*.

So, today is Mr Wei Siong’s birthday. Surprise!! (Con said I didn’t sound surprised. So I added more exclamation marks. Happy now?) We ended up celebrating with the instructors. BUT there was a catch – the instructors forgot to bring a lighter. O Great Ones, please enlighten me on the sacred knowledge of how to light candles without fire? Mr. El ended up saving the day, just when they were resorting to using orange and red paper flames. I am amazed at their creativity. Truly, I am. We ended up circling Mr Wei Siong (who was holding the plate) and singing the birthday song. Wheeeeeeeeeeee.


fake flames



Oh, and JJKN59 gave us Hershey’s Kisses C: FOOD AT LAST! Thanks, we appreciate it sooooooo much. Adds on to the decor of food under the tree. The Christmas Tree. Don’t ask. Oh, and we refrigerated a banana. Can’t wait to see what happens to it tomorrow, we’ll update you.

HAPPY BIRFDAY (i apologise for Lee Cheng’s horrible, terrible spelling) MR WEI SIONG! MANY WELL WISHES AND CAKE FROM BB!

Anon sleepily signing off~ (I will come back and edit this, I promise…)

^ Cheng didn’t ‘come back and edit this’. She broke her promise. Editing her work is torture, spelling mistakes everywhere.

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