BB: Mini-Update

Hihi, it’s Cheng here again, because Unicon is too lazy to blog -.- We’re currently about to be interviewed by the DJ from 88.3 FM. IN CHINESE. So nervous. Hopefully all goes well with this 🙂 Starting the question prep, bye!

I’m baaaaaaaack! Yes, the interview was short, like 10 seconds or something. Meh. Only Hazel spoke though, because we volunteered her. Love you Hazel, don’t kill us please ❤ Connie and Hazel did the prep, while me and Kylie just sat there fiddling with our fingers and pretending that we weren’t there. Talk about socially inadequate :> We asked our instructor, Mr Alvin, to record the interview for us, but he didn’t D: And to think we said something nice about him *sobs* After the interview, when the interviewer was touring the place, we chased after him shamelessly to take a picture with him. To post on Instagram. The things we do for publicity are disturbing and oddly bold. 


yay we’ve got the picture

Good news, I found someone to stalk, woohoo! Ms Sara better watch out, I’m coming for her once I’m free, because I just found out her Instagram. Another reason to love Hazel, yay.

^ please excuse my friend this crazy stranger stalker

Ciao, Anon out~ (back to work, haizz)

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