Acrylics: Day 10 – It’s the end of Week 2 :O

Daaayyy 10.

Today’s day 10. Our  agenda for today was to complete all the animation scenes for each character. We were left with just a few characters to finish up (da buff coolie, da speedy rickshaw, and da smart doc)

The morning went by pretty quickly with the man himself, Mr Jonathan, tying our tent in so we couldn’t escape till we were done. We took some breaks by kicking a homemade ball around <– Exquisitely made by the man himself, using only the highest quality material (plastic bags and tape). We had quite a high volume today so sorry other teams if we affected you guys. >.<


Da ball.

Anyway, after having had lunch, we decided to prank the man himself since he was still eating. HEHEHE. After some quick planning, we decided to ‘decorate’ his desk and set a harmless trap over head. Basically, we taped empty NEWater bottles all over his desk and stuck packets of chilli flakes on his jacket. (He didn’t like this one. sorry sir>.<) Also, the trap (a flower garland+scraps of paper) was set such that when he opens our tent, they should theoretically land on him. MUAHAHAHA (higher than you were amused.)

However… Before he could return, Ms Hazel came by for a spot check and our friend arrived for a visit as well…. Soo.. when he finally came, the effect wasnt there anymore.. 😦 Our two teachers, Ms Xie and Mdm Tan, came soon after so it all died down pretty quickly. heh. We gotta thank them for the tasties tho! It was pretty crowded in our tent for a while since we had three visitors for the first time in forever.


He’s fueled by bananas. We’re fueled by him. nohomo

 While they were here, we had to focus more and take less breaks so our productivity spiked.  By dinner time, we had completed most of our work. Once again, we begged the instructors to let us stay back till 9. This time, our pleas were met with mercy as they gave us permission. (thankfully or else we’d have missed all this) The night was pretty exhilarating with Mr Wei Siong’s birthday and da tasty cakes. Find out more about what happened here. 

Currently we’re on schedule and everything’s going pretty smoothly. We may even have time for touch ups and improvements next week 😀

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