Acrylics: Day 10.1 – Party in the studio

Guess what, yesterday, we were in for a surprise. Mr Jonathan said in the afternoon that the instructors had to stay back for another reason (not because we were staying back  to do work). As it hit 8.30, we found out what this other reason was. 

We were celebrating the birthday of Mr Wei Siong. The cake was nicely set and everyone huddled around. However, to our greatest dismay, there was no lighter to light the candles XD. Everyone dispersed in the search of that one thing…the lighter. However, when no lighter was to be found, our instructors used their creativity skills and tried cutting straws and paper and make fake fire. lol

After making a few “fires”, the real lighter was found, so the effort our instructors put in to make the fires were kinda wasted. However that didn’t diminish the cheery mood in which we were all in. We did the birthday chant (ok maybe just the birthday song) as we circled around Mr Wei Siong in the dark 😀

After the song (we were still in a circle), we were asked to blow out the candles together. With a huff and a puff, the candles were not blown out. It was most probably because the Man himself, Mr Jonathan was blowing too, and his fiery breath was keeping the candle ablaze. However, after a long time, the candles were put out, and the cake was distributed.

We were each given a slice of the cake. The cake was Lychee Martinee and we had a delicious and savoury moment as we relished the cake. Mmmm……. my, we were full. Our instructor offered us another cake, which was a log cake. Sadly, we were too full to eat it, so we declined. At least there was still a double cake surprise XD

Not sure whether it was the sugar and alcohol content of the cake, or the party mood getting to us, we went to the obscure part of the studio, or just the back of the studio and started the ball (see the ball here). We were going crazy and had lots of laughs as we kicked the ball to each other. We could not have a real match, so we just played monkey. Kok Hai was using hacks and when Clarence was going to get the ball, he grabbed his hand and swung him around.

Mr Jonathan also came in and joined  the fun. He showed off some of his mad skills, and dribbled the ball like a pro. We went overboard and played till 9.10, and only stopped when the man himself was asking us to go home. Our adrenaline died down and we suddenly felt very tired, which explains the lack of a published post yesterday. All in all, it was an exciting and unique day, though we wasted some time, and we are back here on saturday again 😛

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