Crystal: Bucket List

Hey guys, it’s the end of the second week already! That’s two-thirds of Production gone! So we have decided to treasure the very last week by checking everything off this bucket list (which is in alphabetical order). (We’ll post the end result at the end of Production, so as to not spam this blog.)

  • Actually stay back for once (until 9pm)
  • Do a hundred burpees (Crystal only because Wei Ting said so)
  • Fold a thousand cranes
  • Get at least one picture with every group
  • Get a glam picture for once (also a life goal)
  • Get a team t-shirt
  • Jog around NYP
  • Make an awesome animation clip
  • Not eat at koufu for lunch for once
  • Order EXTRA CHEESY PIZZA (not gonna say for who and why)
  • Play Cards Against Humanity again (and jio Acrylics)
  • Play pranks
  • Shower instructors with ELLE OH VEE YEE
  • Watch the Barbie series
  • Watch three movies
  • Wear the team t-shirt together
  • Win this thing and go to USA

Yeap, let’s hope we manage to do all of these. The striked out ones are already done! We’ll share our experiences with all of you when we strike things out because we love you. 😛

In the meantime, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram as well as Twitter! (We’ll also post there when we’re striking something off the list!)
Oh, and leave a comment (or more) if you have any suggestions for the list. 😉

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