IDK – Why we have a Love-Hate Relationship with N.E.mation

Hey there! 🙂

If you have been following our blog posts, you’d know that our team is pretty behind schedule. We have been doing rotoscoping (aka. drawing over still pictures frame by frame and then compiling our drawings to make an animation) and because there was some issues with the clips, we couldn’t start our roto until a while later 😦 Right now Clarine Valeska and ZiFang are working supes dupes hard (9-9 incl. saturdays and things D: ) so they don’t have time to post much. So this nub (chelsia) here has been taking over the blog part for a bit  since i’m in Korea (Sorrysorrysorrysorry i had to leave guys ;-;) (there’s a little about it here if you’re confused). I can’t exactly recount daily happenings or anything but i’ll try to be interesting and relevant. Do bear with me :O


Why we have a love-hate relationship with N.E.mation

What we love

  1. the instructors are the coolest most energetic passionate and patient people ever. (they put up with our nonsense all the time)
  2. there is free food [londonnnn choco rolllll <—sing it with me]
  3. You are allowed to eat while working
  4. It is satisfying to seeing a finished part of your animation :>
  5. there is hot chocolate
  6. making new friends
  7. the other teams are friendly 🙂
  8. the other teams give you food and cute notes of encouragement 🙂
  9. stuff toys are allowed
  10. koufu vouchers
  11. no one will judge you if you flop/roll on the floor
  12. no one will judge you if you are slightly insane (and the world knows we all are)
  13. getting to see our clips on the big screen later!!!
  14. (maybemaybe cross-our-fingers-yes) going to the USA (!!!!x1000)
  15. staying back

What we hate

  1. staying back
  2. drawing 89 pairs of shoes/pants/feet is not as fun as one might first assume ;-;
  3. eating at koufu all ze time
  4. Toonboom loads only after all continents have shifted and 10000 islands have formed.
  5. When thy file does not open ;-;
  6. When the NYP lounge has roughly the same temperature as the north pole.
  7. salonpas and dettol spray don’t go well in enclosed areas.

QOTD to the other teams: what do you love/hate about N.E.mation? Comment below!


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