Acrylics: Day 10.5 -Refining

It’s Saturday. And we’re back in NYP. Brayden kinda fell sick too 😦

Now we know who’s next……

We didn’t need to come, but for some reason we enjoy coming to NYP to work on our animation (it’s really fun). Mr Jonathan didn’t come though :O

So we just spent the day (10am-5:30pm) touching up/ refining our work. The work that we produced on day 1 is just disgusting and disappointing (we are perfectionist).

“Why is this line not straight?” *erases it and draws a new line*

“This doesn’t look nice” *redraws the whole thing*

“aRgH cRaZyTaLk why you do dis :(” *shuts down the pc and cries in a corner*


To be honest, nothing really happened.

^ok maybe Ms Hazel brought her dog to the lounge

Ms Hazel’s made her (hope that’s the right gender) sit on Clarence. Clarence didn’t really know how to react, so Kok Hai and Brayden took the opportunity to take some photos



^thats just sho cute and beautiful 😉

After that, when Ms Hazel left (and when most of the instructors left), Clarence and Kok Hai played soccer, while Brayden was crying in a corner backing up the files

Don’t worry, we didn’t break anything 🙂


Offical match ball (FIFA TRASH BALL)

We didn’t really chat with the other teams, except once when IDK wanted their snacks back (they were kind enough to share some with us, but we forgot to return it :P)

It was a relaxing day, since we are on track and we decided to make our stuff look nicer (although Mr Jonathan said that the stuff we did was ok)


nah its just our nature

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