Well, 2/3 of our journey has passed, the three of us has been working hard through the grueling late hours and awkward Saturdays. We’ve been completing stuff that we would’ve never thought we would have the opportunity to do. From using Photoshop to actually draw stuff (not editing friends’ faces lol) and trying our hands with animating characters, these experiences will be cherished forever 5-ever. Of course, all these could have never been as fun and enriching without the guidance of the two and only, Ms Hazel and Mr Jonathan.

This post is to thank them for their help and effort spent to teach us.

“Why suddenly they so corny one sia.”

For the past two weeks, Mr Jonathan has been patiently by our side, even when we screw up, he tries not to get very mad. He teaches us as best as he can, putting in a lot of effort to help plan our tasks. He is able to drive and motivate us to keep to the schedule through his humourous and witty jokes. He’s not just a cool guy, he’s also smart as well. When our software starts to go chjsbkg, he’s there to troubleshoot, test and experiment. Sooner or later, he’s able to solve most problems (except those that are just au!!sh2db313fi?ek) which really saves us a lot of our time.


disowning us to fold origami with HigherThanYou. lol

However, sometimes he quote unquote ‘disowns’ us, visiting other tents to do other stuff; During which, we cri to sleep are assured that if we need help, he’ll be back in a sec. It is with his mad skills and sick strats that we can sleep without being too worried about our progress. (because if we’re too slow/nub, he’ll be pushing us on)

Of course, there’s also the radiant Ms Hazel. She has taught us in RI before and often drops by our tent to give her godly advice to aid us in improving our works. She has a lot of experience, having been an instructor for NEmation for many years. With her skillz, she always has some sort of suggestion whenever she comes by. Ms Hazel too, is very patient when teaching us. Although her patience may wear thin when a certain someone makes one too many puns, she remains willing to guide us through.

Although she may not be our main instructor, her guidance has been invaluable to us and we really appreciate the concern she shows for our progress. We’re really lucky to have her help during these two weeks.

With the NEmation about to come to an end next week, we’d like to thank the instructors (all of you guys ^.^) for guiding all of us through this once in a lifetime experience. Quoting Ms Hazel, we’ll try to ‘shower our instructors with love’ nohomo

Do thank your instructors for their helpz. You can turn them from this


I cri. 😦

to this



(no they dont turn into sponges. sorry)

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