Day nine was a great day. And as you can see I have forgotten how to write a good introduction. Oops. Anyway, moving on.

Kai Li brought some Chewy Junior thingys to share with us, and as the two thingys were going to be split between four people, Kai Li’s mother helped to cut them in half. 🙂

Day 9 12

Weird angle because someone ate half a thingy before I remembered to take a photo.

And a little while later, Clarence (of Acrylics, if you didn’t already know) arrived at the NYP Lounge and asked us if we would like breakfast. What a nice tent neighbour. 😀

Day 9 1

They smelled soooo gooood.

An hour or so later, Mr Tan, our previous Infocomm trainer, arrived for a visit. He was our trainer during our Level 1 and Level 2 years, and had taught us how to use a bunch of different softwares, such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro. We had actually asked him to teach us Adobe After Effects during CCA as well, but it never happened, and we learnt why when we learnt how to use it during Production.

Day 9 3

He was a pretty cool trainer.

Kai Li, Crystal, and Bella folded origami cranes after they were done with their work, while they were waiting for the software to load, or even to destress for a while.

Day 9 10

They aim to fold a thousand cranes for our tent. And to make a wish. Okay.

In the afternoon, Acrylics came back from lunch, with Mr Jonathan coming back later. It was perfect for them to try to tell their instructor that they had not actually gone for lunch, and to ask him if they could finally go for their lunch break. Like the previous days, we told Mr Jonathan that they had actually gone for lunch when he asked, and so on day nine he decided to disown Acrylics and focus on us (his other group) full-time. (Of course, they were not disowned for real.) xD
We were sitting around the inflatable pool, discussing what movies we should watch while folding more cranes, so Mr Jonathan joined us. (Yes, we’re actually kind of done with our work, more on that later.) You can see a picture here (credits: Acrylics).

Day 9 11

Mr Jonathan’s socks.

Clarence somehow managed to get Mr Jonathan to check their work (effectively making him un-disown them), so Mr Jonathan went back to Acrylics’ Uber Cool Tent for a while.
As I got Mr Jonathan to take off his shoes earlier to get the photo of his socks above, I took the opportunity to stuff some tissue paper into his shoes, so when he puts on his shoes again later, they would seem a little too small. I succeeded in doing so, but he tried to get back at me on day ten. 😛

The rest of the afternoon was pretty uneventful, as we did our best to keep quiet and not disturb the other teams. Kai Li read a book. Crystal was looking for potential anime to watch. Bella took a nap in the pool and nearly fell sick. I was working on finishing day seven’s blog post.

Day 9 13

And it’s only day nine.

We were actually pretty much done with our animation by this point, so we uploaded our files to the server and left the rest to Miss Weilin (also our instructor), who put our files together, checked them thoroughly, made a quick mock animation, and then showed it to us when she was done with it at the end of the day.

Around 5.30pm, Zi Qing (from wasd) invited us for a game of Cards Against Humanity with wasd. I shall not attempt to describe the game, but it’s really fun even when you don’t know what most of the cards are talking about.

Day 9 14

“…for ages 3 and up…”

We managed to get some instructors to join us for a while, too!

A while into the game, Miss Weilin called us to Chunky Monkeys’ tent (where her desktop is) to show us the animation so far, and told us that we needed to make some changes and voice our suggestions on how to improve it. We’re fine with that, as it meant we had work to do and our animation can be made so much better! There’s nothing wrong with trying to perfect everything, right? 😛

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